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  • Razor Sidemount Instructors

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  • Cave Diving Flashmob

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  • Biology - Biologie

    Have you always been interested in marine life? There are many specialized and unique life forms can be seen in the caves. Follow the posts here to learn about the ecosystem Cenote. || Warst du schon immer an Marinen Lebewesen interessiert? Es kommen sehr viele spezialisierte und einzigartige Lebensformen in den Höhlen vor. Folge den Beiträgen hier, um mehr über das Ökosystem Cenote zu lernen.

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  • Courses - Kurse

    Stay tuned for new courses, course dates and other related reports

    || Bleib auf dem Laufenden über neue Kurse, Kursdaten oder andere relevante Berichte.

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  • Geology - Geologie

    Learn what a spoon with water has to do with the geology (forgive me if I put anything that is about the inanimated nature of caves here) of the caves here and much more.

    || Lerne, was ein Löffel mit Wasser mit der Geologie der Höhlen hier zu tun hat (entschuldigt, wenn ich alles aus der unbelebten Natur hier reinschiebe).

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  • Projects - Projekte

    Most projects are around diving, others are committments to the community of the Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen.

    Die meisten Projekte drehen sich ums Tauchen, andere aber sind Verpflichtungen der Gemeinde der Riviera Maya oder Playa del Carmen gegenüber.

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Come Diving Caves is the invitation I would like to extend. Come diving with me. This web page is designed to grow and be filled with new information regularly using my local and international experience through my work in different countries and working with customers from various countries. My personal diving experience brought me so far to Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, Egypt, Maldives, Belize, Cuba and of course Mexico and here I know the Riviera Maya, Cozumel (caves and ocean), Cancun, Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, Isla Holbox (though not diving) and hopefully more to come. My clients come from all over the world as I am able to teach and give explanations in German, English, Spanish, French or Italian. The Riviera Maya is like paradise for those that want to go diving caves. Come and get hooked as so many others. Don’t be shy to ask for a list of all activities I offer.