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Christine Loew


A bit about me

I came to Playa del Carmen in December 2004 as a PADI MSDT. Originally I learnt diving in the lakes of Bavaria and all training until instructor were followed while I was still working in my “normal” office job. I have a degree in business administration, a qualification to train trainees on the job and another degree as a foreign language assistant. The desire to change and get away and also to exercise myself made me leave Germany in 2001.
Since my arrival here in Playa del Carmen I have acquired profound knowledge about the area while ocean, cavern and cave diving. I have a personal policy of continuing my education and furthering my skills regularly so you can expect to have soon courses offered that are not yet included in my list.

Here is the list of my instructor qualifications

(as per April 2016)
Razor Basic Cave Sidemount Instructor No. 10
PADI IDC Staff Instructor in active, renewed teaching status, No 944801
TDI Cave, Sidemount, Intro-to-Tech, Nitrox, Instructor in active, renewed teaching status, No 14584
DAN O2 Instructor in teaching status, No. 12367 (inactive status)
EFR Instructor in teaching status, No. 944801

I have close to 5000 dives all over the world in various conditions; thereof now about 1000 full cave dives and at least 1000 for guided cavern tours.

I am fluent of course in German but I am also able to teach courses in English and Spanish. I am able to give easy dive briefings additionally in French and Italian.