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Dive Equipment Cave

Please make sure that you bring the necessary equipment for your cavern or cave diving course.

Equipment list cavern course:

  • mask
  • medium length power fins (no split fins) and dive boots
  • Regulator with an octopus and a 7ft/ 2m hose recommended (hose can be rented here) as well as submersible pressure gauge, ideally no console)
  • 5mm or 7mm wet suit, hood – no gloves!
  • BCD with power inflator, appropriate weight system (weights from
  • slate *
  • small knife, we highly recommend the Eezy Cut *
  • dive computer and/or dive tables, timing device
  • finger spool *
  • directional and non-directional line markers *
  • two battery powered lights
* these items can be bought with


Equipment list Intro-to-Cave/ Full Cave Course

  • mask, no snorkel
  • power fins (no split fins) with booties
  • two independent first and second stage regulators. One regulator equipped with a long hose at a recommended minimum length of 2m/ 7ft
  • submersible pressure gauge
  • buoyancy compensator with power inflator (wing with harness and backplate)
  • exposure suit, we recommend at least 5mm suit with hood, no gloves
  • 2 line cutting devices, we recommend the Eezy Cut (the Intro-to-Cave level requires only 1) *
  • 3 battery powered lights – 1 primary light and 2 back-ups, each with a burn time suitable for the planned dive time
  • safety reel with a minimum of 37m / 125 ft of guideline
  • 1 primary cave- diving reel with length appropriate for intended dive (one per team only!)
  • sufficient gap and jump reels (per team)
  • computer or watch (bottom timer) and depth gauge
  • submersible dive tables or back-up dive computer, second computer for full cave level required
  • slate or wet notes with pencil *
  • 3 directional line arrows *
  • 3 non- directional markers, we recommend REM’s (Referencing Exit Markers) *
* these items can be bought with directly.

If you miss any of the above equipment and would like to rent or buy it while you stay here, please inquire for availability and prices!