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TDI Instructor Search

TDI Instructor Search

The news is already old that TDI installed a tool on their webpage that interested divers can search for individual instructors in one specific country for a specific course. So why don’t you recommend your friends and divers that are interested in furthering their diving career this link? If you want to find me, just put in “Mexico” at country and “Select a TDI Course” you will find me with the following courses (as per April 2014):

  • TDI: Cavern Instructor
  • TDI: Full Cave Instructor
  • TDI: Intro to Cave Instructor
  • TDI: Intro To Tech Instructor
  • TDI: Nitrox Instructor
  • TDI: TDI Cave Sidemount Instructor
  • TDI: TDI Sidemount Instructor

Finally here is the link to go to the TDI Instructor Search page.

Razor Sidemount Instructor

Razor Sidemount Instructor

Sidemount diving is nothing new. It may seem new to you when you come from the recreational diving and look nowadays in all the diving magazines and forums. It seems that sidemount started only a few years ago. Which is actually not true, in technical diving and especially in cave diving and exploration, diving in sidemount configuration had been a choice since a very long time. We are now only introducing the equipment, procedures and training to a wider diving clientele. Don’t be afraid that it is going to be too technical. Whether you want to switch from your regular backmounted single tank to sidemount diving for ocean dives or if you are already a technical diver and decided to take the step into the world of sidemount diving. We can assist you.

I have choosen the Razor Sidemount harness for my personal diving almost from the beginning and never regretted it. I am very honored to be part of the official Razor Sidemount Instructor team which represent one of the finest divers, explorers and instructors I have met.

Please visit My Go Sidemount Razor Instructor Profile on their page and you may as well browse through the courses offered.

Courses will be taught only with the student having his own harness. Inquire about the best purchase options while you look for the best course dates with me.

Check out the calendar or our FACEBOOK page for an invitation for Razor Tryout Dives. These will be short sessions with a small theory portion, some equipment workshop and a water session.

DAN Divers Alert Network

DAN Divers Alert Network

DAN Divers Alert Network Training available with Diving CavesIn 2012 DAN has made a huge change and updated almost all of their courses. It is not an easy task to change all material, instructor guides, videos, promotional materials, so let’s give them the time to do in properly. Meanwhile I upgraded and renewed my credentials as DAN O2 instructor including the instructor for Advanced Oxygen and both courses with be merged together in the future and will be called

Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries

This course represents entry-level training to educate the general diving (and qualified non-diving) public to better recognize possible dive-related injuries and to provide emergency oxygen first aid while activating the local emergency medical services (EMS) and /or arranging for evacuation to the nearest available medical facility. Providers learn to use the demand inhalator valve, non-rebreather mask, manually triggered ventilator and a bag-valve mask (BVM).

So what is the difference to the old course? DAN included the use of the Bag-valve mask which is one of  the best tools for a layperson.

Why should you consider to become trained in Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries?

Imagine this set-up. You plan your dive vacation here. Let’s say you are a cave diver. The guide you booked with should have the first aid and oxygen kit always on the trip. So do you really know how it works? And seen it from the eyes of a technical diver, would you not want to be trained fit for the dive location you dive in? Caves are often somewhat remote to the highway, villages, hospitals. Do we have frequently accidents? Of course not, but in that one-in-a-million chance, I would like to be the best possible prepared to help a fellow diver in need and I would feel more comfortable if I know that my buddies have the same knowledge.


Cave Diver

Cave Diver

Congratulations to Martin who finished his cave training with me in February 2012. Martin has started his training in 2010 with me and after getting Intro-to-Cave  (with Harry as I was not yet there) we went on a couple of dives with me. This time we had all the fun and went to some of my favourite caves.

Thank you very much Martin, it was a pleasure diving with you. Have safe dives whereever you travel. Don’t wait another two years before you come back though.