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Sidemount Open Water Course

The Sidemount Diver specialty is the perfect course for any diver wishing to use this increasingly popular equipment configuration, either as a ‘stand-alone’ course within SDI or TDI or in conjunction with one of TDI’s other open circuit specialties. Learn how to safely utilize side-mounted primary cylinders as an alternative to the traditional back-mounted method.

This course takes students through the specific techniques, planning procedures and skills that set side-mounted cylinder diving apart from the traditional back-mounted method. During the course, I will take students on a minimum of three dives and covers skills such as:

  • Equipment considerations
  • Gas management
  • Attaching cylinders
  • Trim and buoyancy
  • Deployment of surface marker
  • Different water entries

Course Structure

Prerequisite: OWD
Duration: 2 days, 2 (SDI) or 3 (TDI) dives
The maximum depth limit of this course must not exceed that of the student’s current certification, unless being taught in conjunction with another TDI course which allows a greater depth.

I strongly recommend that the student has his own equipment. I can give introductions to Sidemount on site, but many systems need to be fine-tuned, which you would lose on a loaner. I teach on all systems, of course, but I dive the Razor myself and recommend this too.

Please order your Razor Sidemount Harness from me in advance. It is then ready when the course starts.

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