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Sidemount Basic Cave Course

In addition to the TDI Sidemount Diver course which is designed to teach techniques to be used in open water dive scenarios, this course option is meant for cave certified divers and includes also dives in overhead environment.

The TDI sidmeount Diver Course not only teaches how to safely utilize side-mounted primary cylinders as an alternative to the traditional back-mounted method, it takes the student also through the specific techniques, planning procedures and skills that set side-mounted cylinder diving apart from the traditional back-mounted method.

We cover at least skills such as:

  • Equipment considerations
  • Gas management
  • Attaching cylinders
  • Trim and buoyancy
  • Deployment of surface marker
  • Different water entries

As this course may also be taught in conjunction with any of TDI’s other open circuit specialty courses, on the condition that all prerequisites and standards applicable to both courses are fully met, we offer this course for backmount cave divers as stand-alone course or for students with a good technical diving background in combination with the cave course. who wish to undergo their cave certification in sidemount configuration (please see standards at cave course then).

Course Stucture

Prerequisites: Cave Diver, Age 18
Duration: 3 days, 6 dives therof at least 4 in overhead environment
We do not exceed the limits of the Cave Course with regard to restrictions, penetration, air planning and decompression procedures.
Includes: Transportation from dive center to cenote, entrance to cenote, theory and skill practice, dive briefing and dive site orientation, 4 dives, personal equipment of instructor. Student needs to bring his own sidemount harness. Tanks are already rigged.
If you want to purchase a new sidemount system, please inquire for availability and prices. I recommend the Razor System of Go Sidemount. (one additional set up day if new sidemount configuration is used.)


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