Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Courses and Guided Diving

Course plus experience dives

No matter which course you have taken here, you should then do a few fun dives at the now higher level.

Your instructor during the course will normally be your guide for the further dives.

Within these packages we offer the same individual support as during the course. The guided dives can either be in the sea, in the cenotes / cavern or in the cave (if the diver is qualified). We can offer individual solutions for Cozumel and ocean diving sites other than Playa del Carmen.

Each course that is carried out gives a discount credit for the guided dives during your vacation.

Adaptation Dive

A diving day at any level that you choose (and you qualify for) to put before the start of the course, will be seen as part of the package.

I highly recommend not to start training immediately on the first diving day, especially when your last diving experience has been a while. In addition, for all those divers that have the first diving experience with me, first time in the area and first time faced with the special diving procedures for the area,  they might be overwhelmed by the information on the first day. And don’t forget, it is also helpful for me to see you in the water relaxed and comfortable being able to evalutate your skill level and level of comfortness before we start with any continuous education.

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