Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving Riviera Maya
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Cavern / Cenote Diving

Our normal tours will lead you daily to two dive sites and the prices are calculated at a minimum of 2 dives per day;
We are able to calculate also for single dive excursions and triple diving days as well upon request.
See Prices for more details what is included in the price.


Basic Price per diver/ 1 dive: 70 USD

cenote Chac-Mool, Tajma-ha, Chikin-Ha, Ponderosa, Dos Ojos, Casa Cenote
cenote Dreamgate, Calavera, Carwash, Gran Cenote, the Pit, Angelita, Pet Cemetery, Zapote


Book four divers – and reduce the price by 5%

3 day package Group Starter: 5% off the package price
3 day upgrade package (after starter): upgrade the package discount to 10% in total


Attractive Group deals combining ocean and cavern upon request


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