Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Diving Caves all our Prices and payment conditions

When I started Diving Caves, I decided to state all prices in US Dollar to be better comparable to the competition. If you come from from Europe, you will receive a personalized price quote in Euro based on the current midmarket exchange rate. And the same obviously for customers coming from Mexico where you get your prices in Pesos MN.

All prices include all service charges/ VAT and I can issue an invoice on reqest.

Reservation Deposits

We will process the payment for the booking confirmation via PayPal. We pay the fees for this. In the case of full payment via PayPal, the customer pays the 5% fee. However, we offer the option of national bank transfers for many countries through other banking institutions. Please inquire about the payment options.

For courses, the rest of the payment is made in cash at the start or by bank transfer prior of course start.

For recreational and beginner technical courses we we include most third-party costs in our prices, such as renting tanks with Nitrox 32 (no surcharge if divers are already certified), transportation on boats / in the car, entrance fees to cenotes, water, soft drinks and snacks.

Certification fees, equipment and book materials are not included in the price unless stated.

For all other technical courses, entrance fees to the cenotes (if applicable) are not included as they are determined by the cenote owners and cannot be influenced by us.

When chartering a complete boat, prices will be different to the mentioned ones as this is a private and bespoke tour.

The prices for the guided cavern dives / cenote diving and guided cave dives are WITHOUT entrance fees. Payment is made after the completion of the dive day in cash minus the reservation payment or in advance as a transfer in whole.

Diving Caves offers package prices with discounts only if packages are prepaid in full.

Packages for cavern dives / cenotes including entrance prices are quite convenient for you as you don’t have to carry cash with you and when finding an ATM proves difficult. We bill the rebooking to other cenotes and the corresponding changes in the entrance fees on site at cost.

Entrance fees are between 250 and 600 pesos per dive site. We do not guarantee the prices are correct because landowners often change prices without notice.

Cenote Diving Day, 2 dives

  • 160 USD, per person for cenotes when 2 dives are in the  same locaction
  • 175 USD without entrance fees, per person when we have to drive between dive sites
  • Our prices are calculated with a 2 dives per day and minimum 2 divers
  • – No additional surcharge for single divers if the excursion is lead by me, Christine, personally –
  • If booked with another guide, it may be that the diver is part of another group, or has to pay the fee as a private guided trip (depending however on availability of guides and season).
  • all cenotes have the same price scheme, but we dive them in a logic order and do not offer an advanced cenote on the first day
  • After the first diving day, we will be happy to also offer 3 dives per day, plus 60 USD
  • We offer dive days with only one dive and is subject to reservation confirmation. The costs are 95 USD per diver, and the minimum is 2 divers.

Cenote Diving for Groups or Repeaters

  • please ask for your customized price quote based on group size and days, can include ocean diving options

Open Water Courses

  • Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water, specialties in open water
  • Per day of course per person: 180 USD
  • includes fees for boat resp. entrance to cenote
  • upgrade: Nitrox course and any of the above courses 70 USD extra (plus certification fee and E-Learning)

Introduction into Technical Diving

  • Intro-to-Tech, Solo Diver, Cavern Discovery, Cavern Course in Recreational Gear
  • Per day of Course per person:  240 USD
  • includes fees for boat resp. entrance to cenote
  • includes technical gear for student for Intro-to-Tech

Technical Courses

  • Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, SDI/ TDI Sidemount Open Water
  • Per day of Course: 280 USD 1 person
  • each 260 USD with 2 or 3 persons

Equipment workshop or extra training days

  • price per day per person: 260 USD
  • only applicable when you own your dive gear, including stage or scooter set-up
  • also for cave and advanced nitrox and deco procedure trained divers to review procedures for true overhead environment
  • recommended as evaluation day before any advanced technical course

Advanced Technical Courses

  • Cavern, Intro-to-Cave, Full cave, Cave Sidemount, Cave Stage, Cave DPV (2024)
  • Per day of Course: 325 USD 1 student
  • each 275 USD with 2 or 3 students
  • includes for cave stage and cave scooter, fills and 3rd tank
  • excludes cave DPV, price depending on model, size and availability

Prices include for all courses and workshops

  • tanks, fills, weights
  • water, fruits, snacks
  • equipment storage
  • transportation from accomodation (if on the way) and back

Prices don’t include

  • book material approx. 50 USD for recreational courses and approx. 65 USD for technical courses or E-Learning (prices subject to change without notice)
  • certification fee: 30 USD
  • Razor Recognition card (where applicable): 30 USD
  • Entrances to cenotes (varies between 250 to 6000 Pesos) unless mentioned

Cave Diving with Private Guide for 1 diver

  • 240 USD; we are available for the full day for you needs and customize the choice of cave based on your certification level, knowledge of different dive sites and skill set such as
    • 1 set of tanks: 1 dive cave, 1 dive cavern, suitable for intro-to-cave certified divers
    • 2 set of tanks: 2 dives cave, for cave divers
    • 1 set of tanks plus 1 stage: 1 dive

Cave Diving for Team of 2 divers

  • 220 USD per diver
  • please ask for your customized offer for bigger cave diving groups

Rental Recreational Dive Gear

  • 5 USD per day for regulator or BCD or wet suit
  • 15 USD for complete set including mask, fins, regulator, BCD and wet suit
  • 5 USD per day for computer

Rental technichal Gear

  • 10 USD per day, set of technical regulators (either backmount or sidemount configuration)
  • 10 USD per day for technical computer
  • 25 USD for technical harness (backmount or sidemount)

Equipment Sale 

Diving Caves is authorized dealer of Go Sidemount/ Razor and offers all articles that are listed in the online shop and are in stock in Mexico. We kindly ask you to inform as in advance, especially with bigger order to make sure we have not delivery shortages.


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