Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving Riviera Maya
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Explanations about formations and some phenomenons or just some observations I do during my dives.

The following is the introduction of the article of James G. Coke IV published in the APSA Cavern Guide Manual 2003 version. This has been and still is a valuable guideline for me and I could not agree more with his statement.

“Geology and landform sciences play an important role in understanding karst regions of the world. As cave explorers, we utilize these sciences to interpret limestone strata and their structural patterns to discover new caves or new passages in existing caves. Familiarity with the geological character of a karst region produces a degree of skill in anticipating tunnel environments, or the likelihood of an unexplored cave entrance containing significant underground passage.

Geology is not only an aid to understanding an unexplored terrain; it supplies a means of dialogue between explorers and educators with their students. Without this dialogue, it is difficult to communicate true appreciation for the historical and environmental values of Quintana Roo karst structures.”


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