Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving Riviera Maya
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Committment to Quality

We promise Quality

I have guided a premier dive shop of the area through the ISO certification process categorising,  listing and making available standards and procedures as well as safety requirements to both customers (via a product handbook) and employees (by means of job descriptions, requirements for application etc.) that meets all requirements in accordance with the European Standards EN 14467 and the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 24803. Whereas this is only paper and as an independent instructor and person this certification is not issued in my name, it demonstrates that I understand the requirements of a safe dive operation and how to apply them.

If you decide for a course, I will follow not only the respective training standards, but for the most of them, I exceed them in respect to minimum training days, maximum number of students; the same priorities are applied for guided diving.

Please let me know what you expect from your dive holiday and I outline the details. It is always more than once during your vacation that I will ask you if you liked my service, but please do not hesitate to ask for any changes in schedules or anything you would like to adapt to your special requirements in between and I will do my utmost to fulfill your requests (within all training standards).

Equipment and Tanks

All our tanks are serviced as required and all fills with air or Nitrox are done by reputable filling stations in the area. For technical diving, we have all tanks with DIN valves and we offer this service also for all other single tank diving activities (there may be restrictions with boat dives though). Sidemount diver have tanks available with left-right valves.

Rental equipment will be handed in perfect working condition and will be serviced regularly. Smaller repairs on your own equipment may be possible as I am also a certified Scubapro service technician.

Car and Permits

All legal papers (Permanent Residency, Sintra permit and insurances) for work permit and car are in order and up to date. I use a Ford Ranger for my personal and customer transportation (up to 3 customers for cave diving). The car is equipped with AC, first-aid kit for diving and non-diving accidents, O2-kit, diving emergency slate with local phone numbers, diving tool box with spare parts, spare back-up lights. If I have bigger groups, I will rent transportation with driver and all permits.



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