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Diving Caves

Christine has been living and working as a diving instructor in Mexico since 2004. It has been in 2012 that she started to run Diving Caves; since that time she has built a reputation for providing varied, safe and enjoyable diving days.

We foster divers at every level and love being able to put together customized programs. Our clients enjoy being guided in private groups, so we can cater perfectly to their interest levels.

Diving Caves seeks out the best staff to serve our clients. Our divers receive a personalized consultation directly from Christine prior to arrival. We can select the best packages, instructors and dive sites. Customer inquiries are therefore answered directly by a competent technical diving instructor.

Diving Caves is more than a (German speaking) diving school. We are location independent and can offer all the comforts the diver desires from supervision to equipment storage and service. We collaborate with very experienced instructors and can often arrange supervision in the diver’s native language.

For larger groups we work out complete vacation packages with transfers, accommodation, culinary and cultural discoveries besides the diving trips to the cenotes or into the sea to Cozumel, Playa del Carmen or to special destinations.

For experienced cave divers, there are still spots that we regularly rescout and add to our never-ending list of new cave diving sites. Caves in Yucatan as in Quintana Roo including Cozumel are part of it as well as classics in Quintana Roo, but adapted to the diver’s skill level.

Our training program is mainly through to TDI / SDI, but our colleagues also offer training according to IANTD or PADI. As the Riviera Maya is the paradise for cave divers, our logical focus is on the cenotes. And at the same time we are able to offer other special diving areas and courses in the sea because of the good network with other diving schools and instructors. Our website is full of information from cenote dive sites to courses offered.

Christine and our team at Diving Caves is ready to go the extra mile for your well being, fun and our safety.



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