Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving Riviera Maya
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Open daily
Entrance for divers: 200 Pesos
Facility: toilets, tables and a person living there; a very long walk to the entrance and a jump of 3m/ 10ft or some climbing down.
Maximum depth: 30m/ 100ft or 35m/115 depending on your level of training and comfort

This cenote is a typical sinkhole meaning it is a round shaft going down. The collapsing roof piled up a heap and peeps of of the thick hydrogen suflate layer. This layer is stuck between fresh and salt water and shuts all day light out once we descend into it. This composition of “clouds” and island in the middle makes me feel to be a sky diver gliding down.

This is also not a beginner dive, because of depth and the whole dive profile. We have a freewater descent without reference as visibility in the surface area is never great. We also have to monitor our non-decompression limits closely but once you get your dive going, the buoyancy is set and you look around, once again, you will say that this is something truly special and worth every effort getting there.

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