Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving Riviera Maya
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Dos Ojos Bat Cave

Open daily
Entrance for divers: 150 MN
Facility: clean and short walk with some stairs down to the entry, eco toilets, rooms to change, solid tables at the parking space and down at the entrance area.
Max. depth: 10m/ 30 ft

Dos Ojos is one of the best known cenotes in the area and probably mentioned in every travel book about the Riviera Maya. Thousands of snorkelers, cavern and cave divers enjoy the magic of this place every year.
The second dive will lead you into the Bat Cave area which is a huge airdome accesible also through a hole in the roof – where the bats fly in and out. Snorkelers may enjoy a tour into the airdome by entering from the west eye. The cavern diver starts from the same platform as the first dive but this time the general direction is more to the left. As the opening in the ceiling of the bat cave is quite small there is not much daylight coming in, but also in this dive you always will be close to a surface and safe exit if needed. Your finning techniqus and your buoyancy should be excellent as not to stir up too much sediment. There are many fossils to be found on that dive as well as to admire the beautiful formations. We

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