Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving Riviera Maya
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Dos Ojos Barbie Line

Open daily
Entrance for divers: 150 MN
Facility: clean and short walk with some stairs down to the entry, eco toilets, rooms to change, solid tables at the parking space and down at the entrance area.
Max. depth: 8m/ 25 ft

Dos Ojos is one of the best known cenotes in the area and probably mentioned in every travel book about the Riviera Maya. Thousands of snorkelers, cavern and cave divers enjoy the magic of this place every year.
The 2-Eye- cenote has its name from the half-rounded shaped twin cenotes that are located very close together. This cenote is also an excellent start into your cavern diving experience as the first dive leaves you at all times very close to a surface and exit. At any part of the dive you can easily abort the dive. You will see that the magic spell of the place will get you within minutes of the dive and you just will love it. We dive from the first eye to the second through a huge connecting tunnel and then along the second cenote into the upstream passage of the system. On our turnpoint you will find the famous Barbie and we head out and finish the dive where we started being on the way back a bit more in the already cavern like ambiance.

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