Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving Riviera Maya
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Chac- Mool

Open daily, but restaurant closed on Sunday.
Entrance for divers 120 MN
Facility: easy entrance, clean toilets, solid tables for equipment at the parking space close to main entrance and Little Brother entrance.
Max depth: 13.0m/ 40ft

Entrance to Chac-Mool is just when you drive down from the bridge of Puerto Aventuras and only 5 min drive on a good dirt road leads you to the main area. As in Dos Ojos, cenote Chac-Mool has a huge central area where you can do 2 different dives and normally, we choose the Chac- Mool dive as the second of the day. Like in Kukulkan, halocline can be found at a depth of 11m/ 30 ft.
In summer you will find the surface water in Chac-Mool cenote up to a depth of 2 m murky and full or micro algae. It is an incredible view from below through the cristall clear water and into then greenish sky. With the many sunken trees and branches it has a touch of surreal and like a fairy tale. In winter view is clear and the water surface undisturbed by diver bubbles works like a magnifying glass and you litterally can see the birds singing in the trees from a depth of 10m.