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Apply Decompression Procedures correcly while diving

Decompression Procedures Diver

You choose the Deco Procedure Course as stand alone course if you want to learn how to safely conduct decompression dives, what to consider in an emergency, which contingency or backup plans are necessary and much more. You can and should prepare yourself for this course by not only reading the course documents, because the deco course opens the gates for you and without sufficient prior knowledge you can quickly be overwhelmed. A lot of decompression theory is constantly evolving and it is also an exciting field to study.

This course is often presented together with the Advanced Nitrox course because some exercises overlap and also build on each other in alogic way.

Course structure:

  • Min. 18 Years
  • Min. Advanced Diver
  • min. 4 dives over min 3 days (2 of these deeper than 30m) plus 1 evaluation day

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