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Instructor for Diving Instructors alias Instructor Trainer

Instructor for Diving Instructors alias Instructor Trainer

What was the reason for me to become an Instructor Trainer?

I enjoy passing on my knowledge, which is why I am a diving instructor and have been practicing this profession for over 22 years now. But the personal confirmation that I am doing it right has only really become clear to me in recent years, after I successfully managed to overcome two catastrophic events in my life. Also as a technical diving instructor, I have trained mostly experienced divers, many of whom are already diving instructors themselves. The feedback from my customers and non-customers over the last year has been overwhelming (for me) and so positive that my inner critic finally quietened down. And finally, the ITW – Instructor Trainer Workshop was held in Playa del Carmen, and in Spanish, which was a further motivation and challenge at the same time.

What is the difference in the Instructor Training with SDI Instructor Trainer Christine Loew?

My inner voice will always be with me and ask me if I’m doing it right, the way I’m doing it. But that’s a good thing and part of getting better. The concept of lifelong learning does not stop at the – almost – highest level of a diving instructor.

Through my own courses and diving career as a diving instructor since 2002 and cave diver since 2006, I have a strong background in technical diving and have been a Razor Sidemount Instructor since 2014.

Instructor candidates have the option to do a skill update with me before the course starts, where I work out the most common mistakes and misconceptions and offer ways to correct them.

Instructor Training IDC in German with examination IEC in English (German by arrangement). For candidates who are not planning to work abroad, this is the opportunity to complete their training in warm climate under the best conditions.

Instructor Training in English/Spanish conducted together with my Razor Instructor colleagues and SDI Instructor Trainer Geraldine Solignac and Camilo Garcia. A hattrick that combines strong personalities, 50 years of concentrated experience, different teaching styles, extensive knowledge and the many strengths of each individual.

Preparation for working abroad, with CV and application coaching. We help with the preparation of CVs and with real tips and tricks when looking for a job.

Relaxed atmosphere without time pressure, because planning and carrying out diving under time pressure is nonsensical and dangerous, so why do the instructor course?

Possibility to individually add further modules for instruction such as first response (first aid) or speciality courses at diving instructor level or other diving courses at diver level as well as fun dives such as cenote diving or ocean diving excursions or other excursions.

IDC and IE are offered throughout the year and we can customise our offer, both in terms of timing, length, intensity and scope.

The IEC (Instructor Evaluation Course) takes place after successful preparation on site and is carried out by local SDI Instructor Trainers.

Travelling without heavy diving equipment. We offer high-quality diving equipment for rental. Just bring your wetsuit, mask, fins and computer, the rest is available here.

I plan to bring the IDC to you in 2025 and beyond, and we are expanding our connections with partners worldwide.

20 Year Anniversary in Mexico

In December it will be 20 years since I pitched my tents in Mexico.

I have been self-employed since 2011 and my idea has always been to build a small and very customer-oriented and personal diving company. Diving Caves is not only Christine Loew, but we cooperate with excellent local dive stores, instructors and guides so that everyone receives the best possible care. Due to this cooperation it has become necessary to adjust my prices and pricing policy.

  • Repeaters still get their repeater discount if they go diving with me directly. These prices are different to those shown on the site.
  • Individual bookings have a surcharge if the dives cannot be done with me personally.
  • Group trips with the special prices and service are still managed by me.
  • Package discounts are only available if the package is paid for in advance.
  • For courses, there is now a sliding scale for individual bookings or multiple participants, as well as a sliding scale for the level of diving training.
  • We have introduced a tank rental service to increase the safety of visiting cave divers if they wish to dive without a local guide. This includes more than just the rental service. Please contact us directly for details
  • new courses available

Saving The Best for Last

If you book for winter season 2024 until end of July 2024 and make a down payment of at least 20% will receive mit recent prices (you find the current Prices here). Dives and Courses have to be done with me.

For 2024 we offer the First Response Courses with special conditions. The courses are for Emergency Care and Oxygen Provider

So don’t hesitate and ask for any open schedules.

I will stay here

I will stay here

In an attempt to put it in the right time frame: I am writing this from the home office, my office has been at home since I am self-employed. However, the situation worldwide has changed because of economic changes, cuts can be expected, and because of world health reasons a reorientation of travel, vacation and leisure behavior is required.

So I organize my website, work in preparation for the restart of the diving season, take care of the maintenance and care of the equipment and finally have time to take care of other projects.

In addition, short-term measures to secure income will surely take effect until diving resumes again.

It is easy to explain why I decided to make this voucher campaign. The short-term cancellations (over March and April) due to travel restrictions decreased my planned earnings towards zero. On the other hand, I had to steer to maintain a cash flow.

But it is also important for me to send a clear signal to the market. I am here, I will stay here and I will continue to offer diving and diving training in the cenotes, caverns and caves of the Riviera Maya.

The voucher campaign will continue until normal travel activities resume. I will then announce the end of the campaign on social media and add information here. The vouchers are transferable and have no expiry date. For more information, please contact me directly.

Stay healthy and keep morale up. It is important that we plan for the future and not give up our dreams. I decided to stay in Mexico in 2006 and dive in caves because it is so gigantic and 14 years later it is still breathtaking and there are so many caves I still want to explore.

A short trip to Mexico

A short trip to Mexico

Divers’ Dream Yucatan
A film by Stefan Pape

Stefan Pape is a professional cameraman and sport diver from Germany who made a great documentary about the Riviera Maya. This documentary is only in German and if you are interested to order, please follow the links on the German page.

Cave Diving Weeks Fall 2012

Cave Diving Weeks Fall 2012


Cave Diving Riviera Maya in Cenote Paradise

It is not a dream, but a tempting offer for small diving groups with 3 cave divers. The 3 team is considered the best size for many caves and as well in the cenotes of the Riviera Maya. Your guide has a lot of experience in planning and guiding cave dives and is as well a technical dive instructor. The group decides the type and difficulty of the cave dives, of course always provided that safety and conservation are first priority

You will stay in Casa Ciricote, a small vacation rental property in the middle of Playa del Carmen, on calle 28 with Avenida 25. Your place is only 5 min away from the best restaurants on 5th Avenue. The public beach is just 3 min more to get to. The house has a swimming pool and a sundeck on the 4th floor. The rooms are equipped with DCD/CD player, TV, fully furnished modern kitchen, a living room, towels and linens, each bedroom with own bathroom, AC and ceiling fans, internet. Additional services such as catered meals or the maid service (for additional charges) available. For more pictures, please have a look at Casa Ciricote

The appartment has two bedrooms and non-diving partner can be booked in additionally.

The Cave Diving Fall special is valid from August 25 until November 16

and includes the following:

7 nights for 3 persons in Casa Ciricote inlcuding all hospitality taxes
Airport transfer (during the day, additional charges for late/early arrival/ depaure)
2 cave diving days with each 1 cave dive
4 cave diving days with each 2 cave dive s
including  guide, entrancs up to 150 Pesos, doubles or sidemount tanks, first aid and oxygen kits, softdrinks and lunch package

Price per person (when 3 book): 1185 USD
non-diving person:  195 USD

Are you a 2 diver cave team and 2 non-diving partner? Please inquire for your offer

Last Minute Offer

Last Minute Offer

Cave Weeks with us; we celebrate because the web page is online!

Prerequisite: cave diver (at least intro-to-cave, Cave 1 level)
Reserve: until 10.03.2012
Confirmation: after confirmation of the date, a deposit is necessary to confirm from your side.
Period: March 15 – 31, 2012
Includes: transport from hotel to dive site (some restrictions depending on hotel), 2 dives with each new tanks, backmount or sidemount, cave guide with several years of experience and and qualifications as cave and sidemount instructor, water, softdrinks, snacks
the special offer: this price is valid even if you do only one diving day with me.
not included: air fare, hotel, airport transfers, entrances into the cenotes (between 8-25 USD)

Choice of dive sites depending on experience level and in accordance with the divers. If two cave divers book in for the same day, the dive site will be chosen considering the  less experienced diver.

Price: 150 USD per day



Done a course with me? Back in the old times? No worries, even I do not work full time in a dive shop anymore, I will grant you the same price structure that we agreed on and was the rule with that dive shop. This special deal means that if you started a technical course such as Cavern Diver TDI for example and want to continue to Intro-to-Cave or Full Cave all you pay is the price difference for the upgrade. My price structure in total may vary now a little bit,  but still you have the advantage of a repeat customer which I want to honor. I appreciate you coming back. So let’s go diving. Just inquire for YOUR price today!