Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Cavern Diving Procedures

Cavern Experience Dives were conducted already in the late 1980’s by the early explorers and cave instructors in the region, but this was a relatively uncommon activity until the mid 1990’s. Nowadays it has grown into a popular activity and presents itself a considerable market. Supply promotes demand, so by opening many cenotes for cavern diving, over the years it has been highly inflated. A growing market interests people that are up for the fast, quick and easy money and may not have the necessary experience. So choose your cavern guide wisely.


While diving with me, you get the comfort of over 14 years diving and working as a cavern guide and over 18 years as an Recreational Instructor and in addition as a Cave Instructor.

Your cavern guide has to be as a minimum  a Divemaster and Cave Diver, however, all of my guides are also highly experienced and active cave divers, mostly active recreational diving instructors and many also cave diving instructors (or in training there). Everyone is familiar with the administration of emergency oxygen and first aid (with secondary care). The guide will be at all times in the water in full cave gear configuration, a basic first aid kit, an oxygen kit and an accident management slate are always on the dive site.

Cavern Diving Procedures

We will cover during the excursion the following points:

  • general briefing of the safe conduct of cavern dives
  • site briefing explaining entrance procedures, dive profile and dive route as well as emergency procedures
  • equipment preparation and check
  • entry
  • bubble check
  • in-water equipment check
  • buoyancy check
  • calculate turn limits
  • review signals
  • review air sharing procedures
  • establish team sequence
  • cavern dive
  • post dive rest period – on the surface
  • exit


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