Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Cenote Dive Sites

Over the years we can see that cenote diving developped into a magnet for advanced and experienced divers coming from all over the world. Landowners have discovered the economic power of having a cenote on their property and therefore there is always the chance of a newly opened cenote that is made accessible for cavern diving. We are your eyes and ears and are looking for new insider tips in our days off.

In the further links you can find descriptions of the individual cenotes, the integration here is based on the level of difficulty:

Cenotes for the first day or for divers with little diving experience:

  1. Casa Cenote , open Cenote with a lot of marine life
  2. Ponderosa, beautiful open area to start diving and the best light curtain
  3. Kukulkan, photogaphers’ dream
  4. Chac-Mool, dive with many variations for beginners and advanced divers
  5. Dos Ojos Barbie Line, best visibility and best combinations
  6. Dos Ojos Bat Cave,  the darker sister of Barbie
  7. Gran Cenote, breathtaking, however at the moment only for certified cavern divers in technical gear configuration

For the advanced diver or the second half of the diving holiday:

  1. Carwash, short tour in the cavern area, however the open water is great as well
  2. Chikin-Ha, charming tour between 2 cenotes
  3. Calavera, entry and exit are tricke, the dive itself very divers
  4. Media Luna, unfortunately closed for diving at the moment
  5. Tajma-Ha, the Magic, however only for good ears.
  6. Kin-ha, if Zapote is too spooky for you and you still want to see these formations

The Deep and the specially advanced cenotes

  1. Dreamgate, two dives that are breathtaking
  2. Nicte-ha, the Maya princess
  3. Tak-be-Lum, without artificial light a dark dark dive full of specialties
  4. Tak-bi-ha, as if it was a time travel back into the stone age
  5. Gloria, drift and fun
  6. Pet Cemetary, not open for cavern divers anymore
  7. Orquidea, deep in the jungle a deep dive
  8. Angelita, the classic deep dive site
  9. The Pit, absolut breathtaking deep dive
  10. Maravilla, bottomless fascination at this dive site
  11. Zapote, worldwide unique and fascinating formations
  12. Holbox, in review if entrance and surface area is secure again.

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