Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Gran Cenote

Gran Cenote

Cave, cavern, Grotte, Höhle Gran Cenote

Open water area of Gran Cenote

Open water area of Gran CenoteOpen daily
Entrance: for divers: 200 Pesos, good place for snorkeling.
Cavern tour only possible with divers that are minimum certified as cavern divers.
Facility: solid tables at the parking lot with a short walk down to the entrance, toilets, showers

Eco Rating

Gran Cenots is developping more and more into a park rather a mere cenote and attracts mostly snorkelers. Showers make sense, but most guest shower after they had been in the water to wash off, what exactly? The owners need to implement better procedures that the environment will not worsen due to the high impact. The newly built toilets are a nice work of art, but asking again, what are they doing with all the waste water they produce?
Within our rating from ∇  (bad) – ∇∇∇∇∇ (excellent) Gran Cenote just gets an: ∇∇∇ (average)

Dive Overview

Maximum depth: 10m / 30ft
Gran Cenote has been like Dos Ojos well known since many years and is ideal for diving and snorkeling.The location is on the road from Tulum to Coba and only few kilometers from Tulum. Being part of the Sac Actun system that has been for years the longest underwater cave system (not anymore though) of the world. The Maya names means white stone and the difference to Dos Oos is obvious, Gran Cenote shines in very bright colours and this is increased by the many airpockets that mirror the stalactites that poke through the water surface.


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