Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Ponderosa – Jardin el Eden

Not open on Saturdays
Entrance for divers: 80 Pesos
Facility: several areas/ tables with one under the palapa roof and in the shadow, only few steps to the entry.
Maximum depth: 15m / 45ft

Ponderosa has a beautiful open pond with many fish life as there are many different algae present. Here you can see for example the sailfin blenny, small freshwater turtles or ducks that dive for hunting. Ponderosa is connected with cenote Coral and throughout the year you find amazing light reflections there as well as one of the best halocline reflections in a cavern dive. Halocline is at about 11m/ 33 ft.

Many dive shops do all sort of training in the open water area from beginner courses to technical – on a busy day you can find many different levels here. On this dive, we need to bring for the first time our own reel, as the entrance of the cavern line is a little inside the cavern and in order to follow the safe rule of cave diving, we have to install a temporary guideline for our dives. That gives us plenty of reason to repeat why we have those rules and when you see all those technical divers, maybe you are interested to try is out yourself?


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