Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Tajma- ha

Open daily
Entrance for divers: 120 Pesos
Facility: A nice long stone table to equipment set up and another one in the center. toilets are build but not operated and cleaned.
Maximum depth: 15m/ 45 ft

Tajmahal (which is the original name) is not very far from Playa del Carmen and unfortunataly nowadays attracts many cavern guides in search of the easy money. This is not a dive site where you can make two dives, nor it is ok to just follow the guide without any guideline.
The cavern has a variety of different things to see; nice halocline effects, very beautiful flowstone formations, fossils and throughout the year a nice light performance in cenote Sugarbowl and cenote Esmeralda. If you are here in the area from March to September, don’t miss a dive in Taj. You will have the most extraordinary experience possible as like aliens beaming from outerspace, this innerspace features light beams that penetrate through holes in the ceiling, hit the water surface and at times get bent. Hover there and see the light-shadow contrast and simply enjoy that you are here.

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