Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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The Pit

The Pit

Open daily
Entrance for divers: 475 Pesos
Facility: big parking space with many tables, toilets, and shower, a platform to better lower the tanks and a ladder into the water from the lower platform for easy exits.

The Pit just over the hydrogen sulfate layer (c) Terry Steeley

Eco Rating

The caretakers keep the parking space clean despite the high quantity divers. The newly built toilets are a sore to the eyes and also it is very sad that they have not adapted here the eco-friendly concept of the ejido Dos Ojos. The money for the construction of the new toilets would have been better invested in dry eco toilets.
Our rating therefore from the scale from ∇  (bad) – ∇∇∇∇∇ (excellent) is: just about a ∇∇∇∇ (good)

Dive Overview

Maximum depth: 35m / 115 ft
Some years ago, this for sure was the ultimate dive trip for anyone not cave certified but wanting to see something special. Since that time, entrance has been made so much easier but the dive itself still remains unparalleled and exciting. The Pit is the entrance sinkhole to the deepest cave in Quintana Roo and descends down vertically to a depth of over 119m/ 355ft.

New are the stairs (Feb 2012) down to the platform, so a lot of the heavy work before and after the dive is gone. Excellent buoyancy control, awareness and team work are still essential on that dive.


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