Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Open Daily
Entrance for divers: 200 MN
Facility: eco toilet, no tables, stairs down to the water level, easy entrance, space is very limited outside and in the water
Maximum depth: we stay within the recreational limits, but will drop down to 35m/ 115 ft max.

No, the name of the dive site is not Hell’s Bells! When I went in 2009 north of Playa del Carmen to do a bit of private exploration to see what else there is in cavern and cave diving, I did not know that this cenote would become so famous. Of course, I realised that this is something truly unique and so absolutely different to any of the other caves that I have been before.

Due to the depth profile – the line is at a depth of 30m/ 100ft, this is not a cavern dive anymore. In addition, as water levels vary, so does the hydrogen sulfate fog that is stuck in the transmission area between fresh and salt water. In summer visibility is quite bad. I require that my divers have additional training beyond the recreational limit as it is very easy that you reach non-decompression limits and during ascent through the chimney like shaft, there is not a lot of space, so buoyancy skills are crucial.
This is one of the dives sites that is truly worth to get the extra training. Not that known to many others is another cenote close-by and this time I am not doing the mistake and making it too public, the few that know the place are enough, I think and I keep this as a secret tip.

This is really worth to be the grande finale of even a great cave diving vacation. For me this was one of the most impressive premier dives, I have done so far.

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