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Community Work

Community Work

When you live in Playa del Carmen, you inevitably will notice the many dogs and cats in need in the streets. This is by the way not only in Playa del Carmen a big issue, but also all over Mexico and in many other warm countries. Why is it like that?

Climate doesn’t necessitate that animals are housed in buildings. A small village can balance the number of offspring more naturally and people also have better possibilities to care for their animals as they work at home. In the city, however, most people leave their houses for work and unfortunately for the animal, they will stay unguarded outside in the streets. This leads inescapably to overpopulation that can be fought on a long-term basis only with periodical sterilisation events/ permanent sterilisation clinics.

All my animals I live with are pure street “breed” that I directly saved from death. I have rescued many more as my sense for justice and my love for the animals just require that I help an injured or sick animal. Many of my friends donated directly to me to help these animals. An official organisation may be more reputable for many others that they can trust that donations are used directly and I hope that the combination of my recommendation and their public occurs convince many more friends that even the smallest amount donated can make a huge change for the single animal. Together we create a better world.

Sometimes the only way I can help is that I volunteer to take the dogs for a walk, to give them their medicine, to wash them or just to pet them and play with them. For that reason, I am especially connected to Playa Animal Rescue PAR as they are only a very short distance from my home away, they always need a helping hand and they already helped me so many times. All divers that find me through PAR (just mention it during reservation) will donate indirectly to PAR as I tgive a part of my turnover to them. The more you dive, the more PAR’s dogs get. Of course, please feel free to make a direct contribution to PAR.

Additionally, I support other local organisations like Coco´s Cat Rescue and Tierra de Animales as much as I can.

This picture shows how I say good-bye to Bernie who I fostered for several months after he had been living more than 5 years in the shelter. Bernie, by the way was the last unadopted pup of the last litter of my dog Fresa and lives now happily with his new family in Canada.

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