Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Sidemount Configuration for technically more advanced Cave Dives

As the TDI Sidemount Diver course is designed to teach techniques to be used in open water dive scenarios and you can take the cave course in either backmount or sidemount configuration (without exceeding the limit of restrictions), the Sidemount Cave Course is specifically designed to develop the techniques for diving in more technical caves and requires both previous cave diver and sidemount diver certifications, as well as experience dives.

Further modifications regarding equipment as well as learning other techniques in case of loss of visibility, considerations about safe gas planning in challenging caves including the air consumption planning of diver and buddy. During this course we further skills such as:

  • Equipment considerations, what additional redundancy should I take with me?
  • Gas management, when the rule of thirds is no longer sufficient.
  • Optimization of the fastening of the bottles
  • Trim and buoyancy in different positions even with bringing a tank forward
  • Various water entrances for remote cave systems that have not yet been prepared for divers.
  • Psychological considerations
  • Limitations

Course Stucture

Prerequisite: sidemouont and cave diver trained according to standards of a recognized technical organization and at least one evaluation day with me, 18 years
Duration: 3 days, 6 dives, at least 4 of them in the cave environment

However, those who start their cave course in sidemount configuration need at least 2 additional days to complete this course, as it goes beyond the limits of the cave course. However, we strongly recommend gaining cave diving experience before taking this advanced course.

Training in technical diving is performance based, so the duration stated is  the minimum and does not automatically lead to certification. Add enough redundant days while on your vacation here to be able to adopt to your needs.

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