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First Aid Course is Essential Training for Divers

Every dive training nowadays is modular, so that you are not overwhelmed with the individual blocks of knowledge. And also that the experience gained through diving is not neglected. However, it is my personal opinion that, similar to a driver’s license for a car where the first aid course must also be completed before the driver’s license, hence first response training for divers should be completed early on. Hopefully we’ll never need to use these skills, but they can save lives in an emergency.

The three core modules are O2 administration, Adult (Child and Infant) Emergency Care as well as Bloodborne Pathogens. These modules can be started via e-learning and the practical demonstrations then completed with me. First Response courses should be refreshed every 2 years, so that in case of an emergency you don’t have to think long what to do.

Diving Caves alwas has emergency oxygen on our trips. Learn how to use it correctly.

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