Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions, part 2

How about refreshments during the excursions?

Excursion always includes sufficient refreshments, especially drinking water. Depending on your wishes and availability, I can also bring Aguas de Frutas, the very refreshing freshly made waters with fruit or other soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages are never offered at the dive sites. The reuseable drinking bottles are disinfected before filling and I offer reuseable and biodegradable straws to avoid contact with the bottle neck.

What kind of food is offered during our excursions?

Seasonal fruits and small snacks such as guacamole or the like for in between are on site and I prefer typical regional dishes that are either bought in the morning or prepared for us at the dive site. We are happy to cater to your dietary wishes (vegan, vegetarian, without gluten, etc.).

Safe distance during transport and at the dive site

Due to the SARS-Cov2 pandemic, we limit the maximum number of participants in the pick-up to 3 divers. There is always enough space at the dive site to keep away from other divers and we will put even more emphasis on this in the future.

Desinfection of Car

All plastic parts of the car inside are prewashed with a soapy water every evening and then wiped with a water mixture mixed with laundry bleach. To avoid contact with the upholstery, I ask you to bring your own towels.

Desinfection of Rental Gear

I don’t offer any own rental equipment. In the future there are these options that I will generally suggest:

  1. Purchase your own equipment
  2. Bring rental equipment from the diving school of your trust at home at a package price
  3. Rent equipment on site from our trusted partners, with whom I personally deal with initial disinfection before the 1st day of diving.

Desinfection of Gear in general

Disinfectant solutions that are common in diving pollute the environment very much and are not a good option for our area, since our wastewater is not treated comparable to Europe and there is therefore a fear that the toxins will be introduced directly into the water cycle. However, according to DAN, a mixture of laundry bleach and water in a ratio of 25 ml to 1 l of cold water is sufficient to have a virucidal effect after submerging the gear for 15 minutes. We also have a new quaternary ammonium solution that is biodegradable and effective and has FDA and SAGARPA approval.

Washing our hands

Often there are no sinks with running water and no soap at our cenotes. On every excursion, I therefore have a separate container of water for hand washing, soap and alcohol-based hand cleaners on board.

Face Masks

We recommend the so-called community masks, reusable masks and will follow the regulations of the Quintana Roos government and its organs. Masks can be purchased from us.

Best time to travel

All year round and completely dependent on what you want to see, I cannot answer that in a nutshell here and ask you to send me an email with your wishes.

How long is the boat ride to the cenotes?

If you know the area here, this question will put a smile on your face, but more than once, divers who visit the region for the first time are surprised that we are driving into the jungle by car. The journeys are between 30 minutes and approx. 1 hour 20 minutes one way, depending on where your hotel is, the traffic situation and the selected cenote.

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