Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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I will stay here

I will stay here

In an attempt to put it in the right time frame: I am writing this from the home office, my office has been at home since I am self-employed. However, the situation worldwide has changed because of economic changes, cuts can be expected, and because of world health reasons a reorientation of travel, vacation and leisure behavior is required.

So I organize my website, work in preparation for the restart of the diving season, take care of the maintenance and care of the equipment and finally have time to take care of other projects.

In addition, short-term measures to secure income will surely take effect until diving resumes again.

It is easy to explain why I decided to make this voucher campaign. The short-term cancellations (over March and April) due to travel restrictions decreased my planned earnings towards zero. On the other hand, I had to steer to maintain a cash flow.

But it is also important for me to send a clear signal to the market. I am here, I will stay here and I will continue to offer diving and diving training in the cenotes, caverns and caves of the Riviera Maya.

The voucher campaign will continue until normal travel activities resume. I will then announce the end of the campaign on social media and add information here. The vouchers are transferable and have no expiry date. For more information, please contact me directly.

Stay healthy and keep morale up. It is important that we plan for the future and not give up our dreams. I decided to stay in Mexico in 2006 and dive in caves because it is so gigantic and 14 years later it is still breathtaking and there are so many caves I still want to explore.

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