Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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How Diving Caves Mounts Diving Packages

Diving inherently is for individuals and Diving Caves’ service specializes in it.

Groups or Single Traveller

As a single traveller, you are also a V.I.P. and get your private guide at no extra charge. Exceptions may be in high season or if guides are already booked in my network. Most times we will not be the only people on the dive sites, either boat dives or cenotes, but we organize our dives completely apart from the other groups., I can only secure this service by accepting your reservation as V.I.P. customer. Only in this case special reservation and price conditions are applicable.

Couples or small groups benefit from our flexibilty to create bespoke tours.


For many years Diving Caves has cared professionally for Groups bigger than 4 divers. Together with additional guides will the group be divided during our dives so that the group size again is small. We also integrate excursions to Mayan sites or to the nature parks in our offer and as far as possible off the beaten path. We also arrange workshops and other activities that bring you closer to nature and culture and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. 

Cavern Diving

We can fit a maximum of 4 people into one car and packages start already from that group size and/ or 3 days. All logistics like tanks, air fills, transportation, emergency equipment are included as well as water, softdrinks and snacks.

Disounts for packages for recreational divers are granted when paid in advance and can also include the entrance fees. We choose a selection of cenotes and in case we changed the cenotes, we adjust the final bill and you pay the difference here with us. The advantage is that you don’t have to take pesos extra every day to pay the cenote entries on site.

Ocean Diving

Ocean Diving is only available within either a package course/ guided diving or for groups as part of the group package. I do not own a dive shop, but work independently and book ocean diving with different dive shop partners in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos and Cozumel. Ocean diving is also more dependent on the weather and therefore I can only accept it in advance as a package because we have to be flexible with the choice of the diving day for the ocean. Diving in the ocean depends more on good weather conditions and I only can accept ocean dive reservations over a reservation period of several days/ weeks when it is in a package as we have to be flexible which day we will choose for the ocean diving days. At the end, it is always necessary to check for the weather in the evening and then I can confirm if I have a guide for you for the ocean. Attention as due to higher fees that I am charged when I only have one diver for the ocean, this will require a higher price for the single traveller.

Cave Diving

Packages start from 2  cave divers and buddies and/ or 3 days and include as usual all logistics like tanks, air fills, transportation, emergency equipment are included as well as water, softdrinks and snacks.

We can not and do not want to include entrance prices of the cave systems in our pricing as we do not want to limit your choice of cave diving based on cheap entrance fees. Entrance fees also change and we will inform you when you book what you have to expect in addition (entrances vary from 0 to 500 Pesos).

With prepaid packages, however, we can include an average entry fee so that you do not have to take cash with you every day and you only pay us the difference at the final bill.

Carefree package

Make the most of your vacation and ask me to take over the organization. Find your flight, give me the flight details and I will send you my offer. I am your host during your stay here and your contact person from planning to implementation. With Diving Caves the boss plans here and not an anonymous office assistant. I am also on site and check the details of the excursions / partners offered. All you have to do is let me know what you want.

Extract from the possible modules (booking only possible in connection with a diving activity)

  • airport transfer
  • Hotel booking
  • Excursions to ruins
  • Adventure tours for culture and nature (Mayan cooking, bird identification and much more)
  • Cozumel tours
  • Snorkeling tours for the whole family
  • City tours of Playa del Carmen by bike
  • Adventure in Playa del Carmen – discover the urban cenotes 

Group trips for dive shop owners

Do you own a dive shop at home and want to come here to see the beauty of the cenotes? We have the carefree package of course also for groups. Our special conditions apply from a group size starting with 8 divers.

Cave divers group with more than 2 divers have special conditions with special price scales.

Group size for sea dives not more than 6 divers per guide, for cenote tours a maximum of 4 divers per guide. These discounts are only applicable if all divers have the same level and can dive together.

We work with a network of the best and most experienced guides and diving instructors from the Riviera Maya and can offer this customer-oriented service. Your guide will stay with you during the entire stay of the group and you will not be sent to another dive shop alone.

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