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Razor Sidemount Instructor

Razor Sidemount Instructor

Sidemount diving is nothing new. It may seem new to you when you come from the recreational diving and look nowadays in all the diving magazines and forums. It seems that sidemount started only a few years ago. Which is actually not true, in technical diving and especially in cave diving and exploration, diving in sidemount configuration had been a choice since a very long time. We are now only introducing the equipment, procedures and training to a wider diving clientele. Don’t be afraid that it is going to be too technical. Whether you want to switch from your regular backmounted single tank to sidemount diving for ocean dives or if you are already a technical diver and decided to take the step into the world of sidemount diving. We can assist you.

I have choosen the Razor Sidemount harness for my personal diving almost from the beginning and never regretted it. I am very honored to be part of the official Razor Sidemount Instructor team which represent one of the finest divers, explorers and instructors I have met.

Please visit My Go Sidemount Razor Instructor Profile on their page and you may as well browse through the courses offered.

Courses will be taught only with the student having his own harness. Inquire about the best purchase options while you look for the best course dates with me.

Check out the calendar or our FACEBOOK page for an invitation for Razor Tryout Dives. These will be short sessions with a small theory portion, some equipment workshop and a water session.

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