Höhlentauchen / Cave Diving / Buceo en Cueva Riviera Maya
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Riviera Maya Association of Dive and Watersport Operators

Riviera Maya Association of Dive and Watersport Operators

Anyone that has been diving with me before knows that one of my big priorities besides safety is conservation. The step was therefore quite logical to apply for a membership with the local dive and watersport association called APSA. This organisation has set the official regulations on how safely conduct cavern dives and promoted it in the area. Signs put up at the cenotes help the cavern guides with their briefing.

As APSA Member I am also affiliated with the Hyperbaric Chamber in Playa del Carmen for any dive related injury or any other medical emergency.

APSA members are business professionals dedicated and committed to ensuring our divers safety, providing quality service, and preserving our precious environment.. They are also involved with several projects for conservation with regard to the lionfish or the bullsharks. If you would like to check their website out, please follow this link to APSA (only on Facebook).


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